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Here’s what I’ve been doing for the last week instead of posting to my blog

Draw Something, available on both iTunes and Google Play, has become the latest mobile sensation.

Draw Something from OMGPOP! (now a Zynga company, thanks in part to the game’s explosive growth) is the latest mobile game to take off like wildfire. I downloaded the game last week, and I’ve used my phone for little else since.

While I’m nothing compared to the artists seen on the Art of Draw Something, I do fancy myself to be fairly decent at drawing. Interested in starting a game with me? I’m user thenomenclator.

4 Common-Sense Android Malware Prevention Tips

Per McAfee, as reported by Electronista:

The number of viruses, trojans, and other rogue pieces of code aimed at Google’s platform shot up 76 percent this past spring to reach 44.

Quite simply, with an open code base comes broader exposure. 

The best way to prevent infection is to practice prevention. Here are a few tips to keep your phone from getting infected: Continue reading 4 Common-Sense Android Malware Prevention Tips

Android App Pick of the Week: Amazon App Store

When it comes to Android apps, the sky is the limit. In addition to the standard Android Market, users can also install apps they have downloaded from anywhere. 

While I haven’t downloaded too many apps directly from websites, I have downloaded several apps through Amazon App Store, which offers a paid app for free every day.  Continue reading Android App Pick of the Week: Amazon App Store