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Here’s what I’ve been doing for the last week instead of posting to my blog

Draw Something, available on both iTunes and Google Play, has become the latest mobile sensation.

Draw Something from OMGPOP! (now a Zynga company, thanks in part to the game’s explosive growth) is the latest mobile game to take off like wildfire. I downloaded the game last week, and I’ve used my phone for little else since.

While I’m nothing compared to the artists seen on the Art of Draw Something, I do fancy myself to be fairly decent at drawing. Interested in starting a game with me? I’m user thenomenclator.

Here’s how I spent a piece of my tax refund

I got this limited edition poster when I created the Captian Funkaho profile on mySpace back in 2006. I finally got it framed this month.

Remember mySpace?

Back before Facebook was hosting 483 million visitors a day, there was this other social network called mySpace. Perhaps you remember it: flashing GIFs, ads as far as the eye could see, and that Tom guy who seemed to know EVERYONE.

In 2006, mySpace was on top of the world; Facebook still had the air of an elitist “college thing” whereas they had the “everyman/attention whore/crappy band” demographic completely sewn up. I was one of those everyman attention whores, and in my eagerness to gain the attention of a little west coast record label called Stones Throw, I created a mySpace profile for one of their more reclusive artists, Captain Funkaho.
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May Faith and Favor be upon them.

My amazing friend Jonathan and his family.

Jonathan, a friend of mine from elementary school, and his wife Sarah adopted two twin orphans from Uganda. Thanks to Facebook and their blog, I have been able to follow the developments at every turn: their initial decision to adopt, their journey to Africa to meet the twins, and Jonathan’s return home with the girls.

Just got my t-shirt in the mail. Thanks, Jonathan and Sarah!

In an effort to raise money to bring them home, they decided to make cool adoption t-shirts to sell. Check after the jump to learn more about the shirts and to watch a video of Sarah meeting Jonathan and the girls at the airport. Warning: make sure you have a tissue or two handy!
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