Here’s how I spent a piece of my tax refund

I got this limited edition poster when I created the Captian Funkaho profile on mySpace back in 2006. I finally got it framed this month.

Remember mySpace?

Back before Facebook was hosting 483 million visitors a day, there was this other social network called mySpace. Perhaps you remember it: flashing GIFs, ads as far as the eye could see, and that Tom guy who seemed to know EVERYONE.

In 2006, mySpace was on top of the world; Facebook still had the air of an elitist “college thing” whereas they had the “everyman/attention whore/crappy band” demographic completely sewn up. I was one of those everyman attention whores, and in my eagerness to gain the attention of a little west coast record label called Stones Throw, I created a mySpace profile for one of their more reclusive artists, Captain Funkaho.

After a couple months of posting the profile link all over the Stones Throw mySpace profile, I received a message from Captain Funkaho himself, Stones Throw Art Director Jeff Jank. He thanked me for creating the profile and asked for the credentials so that he could hand off page management responsibilities to ST’s social media manager.

Payment for services rendered (kinda)

In exchange, he sent me a couple of special-edition posters from their first Adult Swim collaboration, Chrome Children. While I was completely thrilled to receive the posters, I realized as soon as I got them that they were something special and shouldn’t just be tacked to the wall. Thus, I left them in their original mailing tubes for the last five years.

I finally got the first one—number 106 of 500 in a limited edition series that I believe was given out at an in-store promotion at LA-area Guitar Centers—professionally framed. Now, I don’t have anywhere to put it. Lauren understandably doesn’t want “a picture with smoke all over it” in the living room, and it’s certainly not bedroom-appropriate. Looks like I have the first decoration for the “man-cave” in my future.

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  1. Hi micheal.. i’m josh sylvers i have this same poster it was giving to me by a good friend if you don’t mind what are the measurements to it.. i know i sound lazy lol i’ve been wanting to frame it as well.. i see you like jazz man i have a site that specialize in finding the good stuff check it out we’re located in LA & i have a label with my cousin leon sylvers get his LP its pay what you want via band camp links are below.. thanx in advance

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