May Faith and Favor be upon them.

My amazing friend Jonathan and his family.

Jonathan, a friend of mine from elementary school, and his wife Sarah adopted two twin orphans from Uganda. Thanks to Facebook and their blog, I have been able to follow the developments at every turn: their initial decision to adopt, their journey to Africa to meet the twins, and Jonathan’s return home with the girls.

Just got my t-shirt in the mail. Thanks, Jonathan and Sarah!

In an effort to raise money to bring them home, they decided to make cool adoption t-shirts to sell. Check after the jump to learn more about the shirts and to watch a video of Sarah meeting Jonathan and the girls at the airport. Warning: make sure you have a tissue or two handy!

The shirt (designed by Jonathan) is based off of the traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony. The three cups represent the three rounds of coffee that are served to guests. Participants in the ceremony usually converse and share about important life issues. The first two rounds are called “abol” (meaning “first”) and “tona” (meaning “second”). It is impolite to leave before the completion of the third round. That final round is called “baraka” (meaning “blessing”) and is considered to bestow a blessing on the participants. “Baraka” is what is written in Ethiopian Amharic under the third cup on the t-shirt.

Jonathan’s brother-in-law made this incredible video about Sarah’s trip to meet Jonathan and the twins at their airport, and it’s truly moving.


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