Does Kenny Easterday of the Jerry Springer show have a penis?

UPDATE: According to emeraldgreengirl, Kenny does have all his man-parts and a butthole. I’m still unclear on the mechanics, but at least part of the mystery has been solved.

I was watching Jerry Springer this afternoon, and I guess it’s been a while since I have watched it, but in addition to a huge scale (akin to those used in the Salem witch trials), a puppet stage, and a crowd that chants every thirty seconds, there is now Kenny Easterday, someone who has a rare disability known as sacral agenesis.

He doesn’t add much to the show (not that anything really could)– he hangs out on camera while the guest yammers on about how he works at a chicken plant as a hanger (the guy who strings the chicken up before slitting its throat), how he loves the Cars and fucked his best friend’s girl while his friend was in jail.

It’s distracting at least and at most disturbing, but seeing someone with such a physique raises some obvious questions. Thanks to Yahoo! Answers, I have undeniable evidence about his condition. Both BluntForceTrauma and I are wondering: does Kenny Easterday of the Jerry Springer show have a penis?

After all, his body is cut off so high I wonder what all he is missing besides just legs. Does he have a butt?

A father of two, Kenny is working with something somehow. Debates have ensued across the Internet and many a theory posited, but so far I have not found a definitive answer to my question that quells my morbid curiosity.

While relegated to pariah TV these days, Easterday is dear to some folks due to a movie he made 20 years ago called the Kid Brother where he plays a fictionalized version of himself. I know what I’m adding to my Netflix queue next.

16 thoughts on “Does Kenny Easterday of the Jerry Springer show have a penis?”

  1. Shame on you for even thinking about whether this man has certain body parts. What matters is that he’s a person, with a great attitude. There’s too many perverts in this world that are so ignorant, they think of stupid things. Get a friggin life!

  2. Hey Kenny, I just watch your life on Netflix …. You are amazing…hope you are happy and well…you deserve the best.. The boston girl..

  3. Apparently he does have all his male anatomy because he has two children and supposedly no shortage of female admirerers as well.

  4. This man is a true miracle….he is a fighter and has a confidence about him. I believe he has also a true heart as some seem to better understand and appreciate life when they are born with a disability. I would seriously marry this man due to his spirit and love of life! If I ever got a chance to meet with him, I would ask him out in all seriousness….he IS more of a man than most men out there now a days…

  5. I’ve watched 10 minutes so far. And although I think he doesn’t need my sympathy…he has it. I am impressed by this person. He’s more of a man than most men.

    1. hey kenny PAtrick here I saw you in a pbs film called kid brother you are truly amazing- and even now your still amzing- as a numan being-keep up the amazing work dude rock on

  6. hey Kenny I bet you have a larger penis than jerry springer.  All power to you bro, I would personally like to meet you and think you are more of a man than most out there

  7. Im only 10 and I watch you show on tlc  I feal relly bad 4 u . I hope your better soon . I know soon youll find a girl.And have a chiald or chredan.  youd make a good daddy . Just wate . I know  what it fells like i was born with on leg and when I was 3 i was dingost with liver  cancer .please respone

  8. Hello Kenny,
    You are an amazing man, you have a great sense for life and nothing stops you. I wish I had the chance to meet you. Kenny, when you said that you are not good looking or attractive. That is not at all what I thought, you are extremely sexy, and very intelligent and very sweet. I hope there is  nice girl for you. Kenny you deserve the best and I wish you well. If I was younger I would love to be your gal.. I am however 43. I wish you well and you are one hell of a sexy man. You have more then any man out there and it is nice to see you have a great personality full of laughter and charm.. I wish you well.. 

  9. you go throught so much and u keep it happy i hope u get everything you want in life and more

  10. I’ve seen the program about Kenny twice on TLC.  If my humble opinion, he is more of a man than many of the so-called men I have known throughout the years.  He is handsome, intelligent and has a great sense of humor.  The man is the total package.  I hope he finds a great woman to share his life with.  I would be interested personally, but I’m 68 years old.  Keep living the good life, Kenny.

  11. I’m already pissed off by all the haters that gather here- stuff your dumb shit up your arse, people. this man’s got more cojónes than each of you ever will.
    But hey Kenny, I’ve seen you on German TV and I share that ‘overpotective-mom-syndrome’, I admit it sucks but then again, the opposite of a loving mom would be a whole lot worse. I hope you find a good gal for yourself and have a listen to Pantera though I’m pretty sure you already know em…
    spread the love, hate the haters.

    best wishes from overseas,

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