A whole New Ruby Tuesday

I’ve been seeing commercials for Ruby Tuesday advertising a drastic make-over of the restaurant– with changes going beyond menu items and ranging from server uniforms to flatware. Intrigued, I went to the Internet to do some further research, and the restaurant’s reinvention is myriad:

Fresh, never frozen chicken and beef • USDA Choice handcrafted burgers • seasonal vine-ripened tomatoes • new china, silver, and glassware • soft, abundant napkins • food that’s natural • artisan cheeses • Going Green to make our world a better place • more than 600 newly remodeled restaurants, inside and out • soups made fresh daily • quiche, pot pies, and puff pastry baked fresh throughout the day • Cookies for a Cause to help fight hunger in America • a fresher Fresh Garden Bar • new server uniforms

The addition of “soft, abundant napkins” makes me laugh [what did they have before– gritty, sparse napkins?], but their “Going Green” is well-documented on the website, and though it serves to drive more sales to the stores, I am happy to see a corporation working to offset their damage to the environment in real ways, rather than paying indulgences in the form of “carbon footprint offsets” to private companies to mitigate the adverse effects their presence has on the Earth. So far none of the new commercials that I have seen have addressed the efforts to go green, and I hope they continue to be modest about it. There’s nothing worse than a giant corporation announcing their own philanthropy.

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