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As predicted in 1998, Jimmy Fallon will host SNL in 2011

From The Comic’s Comic:

Jimmy Fallon announced today that he would be hosting Saturday Night Live on Dec. 17, 2011, his first time back as a host since he left the cast.

What makes this a bigger deal is that the SNL writing staff of the 24th season, back in 1998, had predicted as much — although they didn’t synch up their calendars properly, suggesting in Alec Baldwin’s monologue of Dec. 12, 1998, that Fallon would return on Dec. 12, 2011, to host the show and mock him.

Close enough, though, right?

I have to wonder if Fallon didn’t request to host on the date closest to the original “prediction” given in 1998. Here’s hoping he doesn’t take a “Baldwin” onstage December 17th. 

Watch the clip in question at New York Magazine.

A Woman’s Gift is a Salesman’s Curse: Glengarry Glen Ross

Mamet has been accused of being anti-feminist at best and misogynist at worst. Yet certainly we can’t say that he wants us to admire the “world of men” in this real estate office, or to agree with the characters’ attitude toward women (or toward anyone outside their white male world).

What are we to make of the influence of women in the play? What of Mrs. Lingk, who ruins Roma’s deal and indirectly brings about Levene’s final fall? What of the “ex” Levene mentions early in the play, the one who “kicked out” of another deal? What of Levene’s “daughter? And what of Harriet Nyborg, even, who serves Levene store-bought crumb cake and, along with her husband, agrees to sign a contract for land she has no intention or means of purchasing?

How are we to deal with the presence/absence of women in Glengarry Glen Ross? How might you construct an interpretation of the play that takes these women into account? Continue reading A Woman’s Gift is a Salesman’s Curse: Glengarry Glen Ross