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So wait—you mean there’s a FUTURE in English Studies?

I have had to ask myself that question several times over the years, starting from when I first declared it as my major to just now, moments after having put the finishing touches on my oeuvre to this point, an essay concerning the tragicomic nature of Samuel Beckett’s Endgame. While the answer has occasionally oscillated in black moments of self-doubt or writer’s block, I can affirm with great certainty that yes, Virginia—there is indeed a future in English Studies. Continue reading So wait—you mean there’s a FUTURE in English Studies?

“Nothing is funnier than unhappiness.”

I elected to focus on Endgame for my senior seminar paper (which isn’t going well), and the play has me thinking long after Jimmy Fallon has stumbled his way through another episode of Late Night. The play is like a horoscope or a hypnagogic dream; its ambiguity enables its readers to interpret it in ways that apply to their own lives.

Right now, I’m hoping that a way to finish this paper comes to me in a dream–it’s my only hope at this point.